Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Back  Forty

When you at the Beach ,this summer .While you sitting by the waves of the ocean .Just realized that there is the back forty of the beach.When you walking by the ocean ,remember you can walk and enjoy the surroundings as well.I enjoy walking around ,reminds of  me being  a in lagoon or an Island per se .There are birds to see ,insects and beach grasses.There may be people lying around ,but  still enjoy yourself walking around.For where else will you get to walk around nude ,and enjoy a back forty of a piece of land. Remember; Have fun enjoy the beauty of the back forty ,and the beautiful beach.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse 1951

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Progressive outlook on Naturism

Progressive outlook on Naturism
I'am from generation Y ,and as a naturist .I always look for the modern progressive leaders,and this includes the late 1960's leaders.As we now in the 21  first century ,in order for naturism to thrive .We must be open minded,and accept any change,That come s our way ,whether its negative or positive .I prefer the  positive change ,but without judgement: I thus look at the negative and, can be open-minded.Thus be judicial in my judgments, and out weight any very negative views.That can  hamper this lifestyle.

Modern Change leaders-,
Ed Lange- photographer ,club owner ,publisher :
Magazines -"Sundisk"" Ankh"
books-“N” is for Naked: The Nudists from “A” to “Z  Nudist Nudes
 Business ventures :Sundial Club, Elysium Fields   Elysium Inc., Publishers  Elysium Institute
involved in xb58 ,the free beach movement,and the  Western Sunbathing Association

Cec Cinder Ph. D..  California college professor
He was involved in the free beach movement ,and free beach committee
Business ventures ;Doffer’s Club,founder/member of Beach Front USA
he was associate editor of four nudist magazines: Utopia, Arcadia, Sol and Nudistory,and publish books: ("i.e"  The Nudist Idea,and translated,Richard Ungewitter’s Die Nacktheit )
He was president and director of the Director and Western Sunbathing Association,

Dennis Craig Smith- B.A  University of California Long Beach,California
Business ventures; Writer/author
Books: Naked Child: Growing Up Without Shame ISBN: 1555990002, 9781555990008
            Naked Fear: Anti-Body Myths, Phobias, Delusions, and the Madness of Modesty
            ISBN: 0965208524, 9780965208529  

  Andrii Litovchenko-club owner Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists (KCN) date established:: (4.03.1997) 1998 member of  International Naturism Federation
Business ventures : Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists,  KCN Films
 He has document different outings with members of his group (i.e) KCNs ,through filmography ,and photography.  He did;  filming for projects and, on other projects; camera man Peter Dietrich did filming.
Films; by Andrii  Litovchenko Six Girls in One Bus , Five Girls in Egypt ( i.e The KCN Group has other Films,these are some titles .)

In my mind ,and opinion .These are are some naturists,or body freedom activists,  that I admire and respect..In respect; that they represent  naturism,in an open forum; through media , political movements and art.These Modern leaders; Have pushed ,and provided rights; through challenges. Whether in this Country ,or Globally  .They challenged traditional thoughts on; Family, Human Sexuality( i.e the sexuality of the human species ) and Body Freedom. Then challenged their governments; A Must for any government.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Basic human right ,and Nudity

Nudity is a delight, others it's frightfully
shameful, and thus; should not be shown,but was taught
given instructive, ,conditioning  by the govern right
This basic human right has be denied
denied on Principal , that concept called fear
Pure simple nudity doesn't  cause
deviant sexually behavior
Instead enhances greater understanding
our body within and the skin we are in.
Our clothes act like the skin
protecting us from puritan fears
this false  like skin ,is akin to a exoskeleton
allowing the govern body's to cover us
from the fear ,the false fear of original  sin
A sin of seeing our ashamed nude body's
I tell you now ,threes nothing wrong with
pure simple nudity, it s a basic human right

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to Be Nude

                             Top Ten Reasons To Be Nude

    1.     Less Clothes : using less water for washing, cuts down on energy and water waste                    Performing dirty house hold work, lessens pants and shirts from getting stained up and dirty from the  house     chores                                                                                                                                               Cooking while naked can be an easily and a  safe task, no sheaves to fall down and no pants or dresses getting in the way of an oven door

     2.   Less Heat stress on the Functional Eternal Skin

Skin is made up of three layers. The outermost epidermis is bonded to a deeper skin layer below known as the dermis, it is the epidermis.

      The Skin  acts as a waterproof, insulating shield, guarding the body against extremes of temperature, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. It provides, antibacterial substances that  help prevent infection and manufactures vitamin D for converting calcium into healthy bones. Skin additionally is a huge sensor packed with nerves for keeping the brain in touch with the outside world. Our  skin allows us free movement, proving itself an amazingly versatile .Both in strength and elasticity.

.The  blood vessels here help regulate body temperature by increasing blood flow to the skin to allow heat to escape, or by restricting the flow when it's cold. The nerve fibers and receptors pick up feelings such as touch, temperature, and pain, relaying them to the brain.
The dermis houses hair follicles and glands with ducts that pass up through the skin. Sweat glands bring down internal temperature through perspiration while ridding the body of the waste fluids urea and lactate. The Apocrine glands, which develop during puberty, produce a scented sweat linked to sexual attraction ( pheromones)  .Thus causing  body odor, especially around the armpits. The  Sebaceous glands secrete oil-like sebum lubricating our hair and skin.

 The  skin's base layer is the subcutis,, This is fat is a fuel reserve in case of food shortage. It also operates  as insulation and cushions us from knocks and falls.
The Skin Color due to melanin, a pigment produced in the epidermis to protect us from the sun's potentially ultraviolet (UV) rays. Dark-skinned people produce more numerous and deeper-colored melanin particles
Our Skin is our largest organ—Adults - 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) and 22 square feet (2 square meters) of it. This fleshy layer called; skin ,it keeps from drying out.It's our External Organ.

3. The bare Flesh allowsAggregation and Sex Pheromones, become airborne.That other wise, be trapped into clothes  and not  released into air. 
These pheromones can signal : Aggregation-Mate section ,Signaling ,feeding
                                                            Sex - attraction, lure , hormones, natural section
                                                            PreOvulation  Primer -before release of eggs ( organism)Then steroids  are  release into her  blood steam .This in turns, the males olfactory system on and stimulates his  libido.
                                                            PostOvulatory  Releaser - The menstrual  Cycle-This stimulates female hormones and libido. This, in turns on sexual behavioral ,, olfactory senses and stimulates increase sensitivity .Thus in both sexes.
( Note : These statements above, in section 3. are  based on fact. Though are based on mammal and human biology.Since we are both in the animal kingdom. )

4. Family Nudity - 
   There's less confusion  as to what is right or wrong , as regards to as open nudity within a household.

  •       More understanding as to the human body looks,feels, responds and smells.
  •       The bare family can express , mutual  platonic love with an impact of true human emotional  responsive sensibility
  • Less or no response to shame towards males or females of all ages
  • The bare family can express true human sexuality , and express it in a healthy manner(i.e. Human Sexuality ,does not imply nudity)                                                                     
  5.  Psychological Development-Nudity Helps deal with the outlook of the body,as oppose to sex,Which is just  a release of tension.Thus Nudity helps CNS(the brain) , with positive emotions and different expression  of  Human Sexuality.
        Males of  all ages , Can  express love, feelings and  sensations,   towards females, without being involved  in sex
        Males of all ages,   Can respect  Woman and Girls, as to regards to their body's, emotional needs, and on going Sexual expressions
         Females of ages ,Can  express love, maternal love,and  caring , towards males without the need of sexual expression ,through sex
         Females of ages, Can  respect Man and Boys, as to regards to their body's, instinct to lead,defend, emotions of power and strength, and fatherly love      

6 .Physical Strength and Well being-
       Heart- movement of the heart 
Cardiovascular systems- need  circulation, move blood , fluids and oxygen throughout the body
      Central  nervous system  - Helps with release of biological chemicals; these are  neurotransmitters,                      or called Hormones.

  • Dopamine: regulates physical movement and emotion
  • Serotonin: affects mood and anxiety
  • Acetylcoline (Ach): controls attention, memory, and learning
  • Noradrenaline: produces physical and mental arousal and elevated mood
  • Glutamate: forms links between neurons that control learning and long-term memory
  • Endorphins: ease pain, reduce stress, and promote tranquility                                                                                                     
      Endocrine system -Helps release and create , these biological chemicals;
    • Glucocorticoids; cortisol is the major representative in most mammals
    • Mineralocorticoids; aldosterone being most prominent
    • Androgens such as testosterone
    • Estrogens, including estrodiol and estrone
    • Progestogens (also known a progestins) such as progesterone
    7.    Vitamin D- A hormone  involved in mineral metabolism and bone growth.It helps absorbed phosphate and magnesium . It has dramatic effect is to facilitate intestinal absorption of calcium A  constant .exposure to sunlight or consumption of food purposefully supplemented with vitamin D. Thus needed , necessary to prevent deficiencies.within our body's.
    8.  Skin that is bare, limits bad bacteria growth-

    Yeast infection(Candida albicans) -Males or Females

        It affects the genital regions of men and females.Thus causing itching , irritation  and rash. 
    Jock Itch -(tinea and ringworm)  Males or Females
        It affects  the genital areas of men and women.Thus a rash ,bumps and itching can occur.
      Both condition's ,come from wearing clothes around the genital area .In which there is a lot of heat and moisture .

    9. No Shame-
        The skin is flesh , A proud display of the human form; in its many forms:
         Life Stages:

             "  No Shame- that we are Male or Females   and  No concern with genitals, and how they are" 

          '' Inner labia  or  labia Majora,or  the size of breasts,for Females and for the males; Penis           size, or how it looks''


    10. Social Status- 
          No Clothes to whom to tell what class you in(i.e working,Middle, High Classes)
          No Clothes to Prove who and what you stand for;( i.e.  presenting an image or brand to sell) 
          No Clothes to dictate where we are sexually  (i.e freedom of sexual  expression) 



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The vitality of our bodys,through the foods we eat.

    The human species needs, the right food to be physically and mentally healthy.The foods provide vitamin , minerals and other prime nutrients we need.These food sources provide vigor , vitality and sexual well being.( Note: BEING NUDE DOES NOT IMPLY SEXUALITY , I;am talking about HUMAN SPECIES AS  SEXUAL BEINGS.) This means females are Woman and Males are men.Thus they express sexual outwardness .  Then with that said ; these are foods , vitamins , minerals and nutrients .The Tomato has over eighty overall nutrients.These are some examples ; The Flavones- naringenin , The Flavonols- rutin ,The Hydoroxycinnamic acids- ferulic acid ,The Carotenoids- lycopene,The Glycosides- Esculeoside A  and  The Fatty- Acid derivatives- 9 oxo-octadecadienoic acid.These nutrients are antioxidants. Then Potatoes have: Vitamins C and B6.They also have potassium ,tryptophan  ,manganese, fiber and calcium. There are Kidney Beans, they provide: magnesium ,Iron , and Thiamin. The nutrient Selenium is in Chicken, Pasta and Flour. In Rye Bread, there's manganese and fiber. Then Green tea provides: polyphenols and EGCG. The Peppermint Plant has vitamin; C,A and B2. The Gape family provides: resveratrol, flavanols and phenolic acids.   All of these foods provide the human body with these functions:

  • Metabolic systems
  • Immune functions
  • Neurological systems
  • Hormones
  • Cardiovascular systems 
  • Circulation systems

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The History of Naturism,in England -Key Points Part 2

                In the beginning,British naturism started in British India .By the group,The Fellowship of Naked Trust.In the of  year 1891.The founders were ; Edward Gorden Crawford, Andrew and kellog Calderwood .There motto of the club ,vincat natura ( let nature win ).The club disbanded in 1892.The Gymnospophist Society ,is formed in 1922. By the founding members, Harold Clare Booth ,Mark Harold Sorensen and Rex Wellbye.They also founded this club as well.Then the first club to be in Britain. , is a club is called ;  Moonella . In the the providence of  Wickford,Essex .The club closes in 1926 .The Sunlight league was founded in 1924, by Dr. Saleeby.The club had it's own  journal ,called Sunlight.  In 1925  Captain Harold Hubert Vincent , founded the Sun Ray club. In 1926 a site is founded by Mr. Booth .This camp is in the providence of Bricketwood in Hertfordshire.This camped is named Four Acres.In 1927 the Sun Bathing Society is founded by Barford.This club has it 's own journal called ,Sun Bathing Review.Then in 1928 Charles and Dorothy Macaskie opened Spielplatz.The camp is in Bricketwood on 12 acres of land.In 1930 The Sun Ray club and New Health Society is formed, later becoming The Air and Sun Association..It has a gym in, Westbourne Grove and a camp ,in Cricklewood .The club ceases in 1940.The Arcadians club opens in sunhill , near Sidcup in Kent .It stays opened from 1930 to 1945.This club was founded by Booth as well.The Yew  Tree club opens in  1931 ,in Croydon ,Surrey.In 1931 Heath and efficiency  , becomes a nudist magazine.On the  Isle of Wight , in Woodside.A naturist Holiday resort opens .The Lotus League is founded by , Mrs. Denise Bedingfield.It resides in Finclehy .The club was later called ,League of Light.Then the Sunbathing Society disbands in 1936.After having an overall of 21 clubs.Then in 1943, the British Sun Bathing  Society is formed, later known as British Sun Bathing Association.In 1949 Sheplegh Court in Devon ,opens as naturist hotel .It closes in the  of 1987In the year of 1951..A Festival of Naturism is held at, North Kent Sun Club.In  Also in that year the formation of  International Naturist Federation is formed.Thus after a international conference of naturist leaders. In 1953, the Federation of British Sun Clubs is formed.The  British Sun Bathing Association and the Fed. of British Sun Clubs.Thus merge as one group in 1964. This is known as the Central council for British Naturism.Then later in the 21 first century ,known as British Naturism.Then within this group there are the two youth groups.They are the Sunlanders , for those under the age of 15.Then the British Naturist Youth Network, for ages 15 to 25.This age limit has change over the years,from 16 to 30.Now , the group in the 21first century is called: the Young British Naturists.There age range is 18 to 30.In 1965 ,the Adventures Sun club gets permission to hire a public bath.Thus granted by local government; in Madison,Kent.  In 1980 , Brighton   and  Fraisthorpe  Naturist beaches opens. Then in ,2000 Morfa  Dffryn opens as a naturist  Beach .This is the first in Wales.In 2003 the Sexual Offices Bill ,added amendments to the existing laws.These include major changes, to the old Sexual Act offenses laws that were enacted before.In 2007 ,The Nudefest  , a nude festival weekend in Cornwall that takes place.This event is repeated each year.These are highlighted key element's ,in Great Britain 's Naturist History.Yes , there may important moments.But these are the foundation's of a movement.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Topfree rights for woman

                                 These are the cities ,that allow top free rights for woman.
                                                      They are as followed :
                     Ashville,NC  Austin, TX  Boulder ,CO  Columbus,OH  Eugene,OR Keene,NH
                     Keywest,FL@Fantasy Fair   Madison,WI   New Orleans,LA @ Mardi Gras

                     New York city, NY (since 1992) ,        Portland, OR                Santa Fe,NM 
                                                       South Miami Beach, FL @ The Beach          

                             Though these are laws within the cities.The states passed (unconstitutional ) ordinances ,that annul the states top free statute.Though cities can charge for disorderly conduct . A suit can be then presented, if advised by a lawyer.The law of being top free is a controversial right.But it' s a justified right , for men are allowed to be topless.Otherwise we are allowing sexism to take over.

     Here is a website on these rights :